Russell Larson

Russell Larson
Partnered with Gail Krajewski

Born and raised  in Greendale, WI. He grew up in a house filled with music – his mother plays the clarinet and his father plays the trumpet. He went on to play the saxophone, clarinet and flute and earned his bachelor’s degree in music education from the University of Wisconsin – Steven’s Point.

While in high school, Mr. Larson was active in music, theater and football. At the time NFL legends, Barry Sanders and Walter Payton, were known for taking dance lessons to improve their game. So Mr. Larson began ballroom dance.

In 1994, Mr. Larson started teaching at the Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Over the years he has earned top honors as a teacher winning many regional and national awards. With his former professional partner, Sherry Strehlow, he was the Fred Astaire Dance Studios National Smooth Champion. He has also worked in studios as a director, dance trainer and manager.

In teaching, Mr. Larson enjoys sending a positive message to his students. He teaches in simple, manageable ways to inspire his students to be better. He finds great accomplishment when he shows his students that they can learn how to dance.

In dancing, Mr. Larson finds most enjoyment in expressing to music. Music is his first inspiration that moves him to dance.

When he is not dancing, he enjoys mountain biking, lawn and landscaping, working on cars,vintage firearms target shooting and spending time with his dog.

“Some people seem to feel that good dancers are born, but all the good dancers I know have been taught or trained.” – Fred Astaire

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