Our Dancers

Joel Inden

Brookfield Office

As a young kid I enjoyed watching black and white musicals with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. When I got to college and I had to take an elective, there just so happened to be a ballroom dancing class, so I took it for a semester. While I was not Fred Astaire, it sure was fun, so I continued to social ballroom dance whenever there was a special occasion. Now is a great time for me to pull out my old hobby and put it to a great cause. The opportunity to help other is one of life's truly universal callings and Balance Inc. certainly has gotten my attention. When people watch us competing, it is my hope that my sincere hope that they open their hearts and wallets to help Balance expand their already fantastic programs.

Kelly Secord

Lake Country Office

I’m very excited to be a part of this event! I was on the dance team back in high school, but let’s be honest, that was a very long time ago….I’ve always wanted to take professional lessons, but just never took the time. Now this event offers the best of both worlds! I get to experience professional lessons for a great cause, all at the same time. I think this event is a brilliant fundraising idea and will do my best to represent the Lake Country office! Thank you to Balance Inc. and First Weber for the opportunity!

Gail Krajewski

Menomonee Falls Office

I am so very excited to support this awesome organization. Balance is near and dear to my heart because we have a close family friend who’s son has been challenged since birth and is now 18. He, like many others, are in such need of the work and homes that Balance provides. I am dedicating my dance to a beautiful, energetic young man named Ben. I was a competitive baton twirler as a kid, a cheerleader in high school and then I became a competitive cheer coach for high school teams for 23 years. My dance background is limited but my desire to dance is not. I typically drag my husband out to dance everywhere we go by saying,” Shut Up And Dance With Me “, which ironically, is the song I chose for my dance with my pro partner, Russ Larson. A million thanks to the MF office for nominating me to represent our office and supporting me with gifts, emails & constant encouragement. You ROCK!

Lise Wabiszewski

Mequon Office

Grew up with French immigrants. As a child, they raised me in the arts. Trained in ballet, I had the privilege to dance with the Bolshoi Ballet when I was 13. We performed at the San Francisco Opera House. I also took tap, jazz and modern dance. Martha Graham was my teacher. In seven and eighth grade I took ballroom dancing. You can say that dance has been very much a part of my life. In the last couple of years I started ballroom dancing again. Go Mequon!

Randy Thompson

Metro South Office/Priority Title

I am always up for a challenge and a fun time. Even better when the two are combined to benefit a great cause. I am excited to try something new and to represent not only Priority Title, but the Metro South office.

Rebecca Jones

North Shore Office

I am truly blessed to have this opportunity to help this wonderful organization. I have 3 beautiful teen age girls and music and dancing is the best from of medicine in our home. It can take a bad, stressful or crazy day and bring us all together. When this challenge was presented to me, I thought, how truly blessed I am to have a healthy mind and body, and a beautiful roof over our heads. The adults that need these homes deserve to have the same peace and mind to feel safe, warm and blessed. I recently got engaged to an amazing, supportive and fun loving man. I am going to take this challenge, not only to support, but to prepare myself for our first dance on our wedding day!

Dawn Sarandos

Waukesha Office

My name is Dawn Sarandos and I am very excited to be a part of this fundraising event. When I was young, much younger, I was a dancer and as an adult, continue to dance in my kitchen. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to turn something that I enjoy into a chance to help families provide a way to give their loved ones an opportunity to grow and enjoy a more meaningful quality of life. Thank you to Balance Inc. and First Weber for allowing me to be a part of this fun and worthy endeavor.

Corey Tousey

West Bend Office

Charity and giving back to the community in which I live is something I am more than happy to be a part of. I am born and raised in SE WI and am thrilled to see an organization like Balance do such wonderful things for the community! When work isn't calling, I enjoy being around Family and friends as much as possible. My hobbies include: woodworking in my garage, sitting on the shore waiting for the next fish to bite, or just relaxing with my dog tossing her ball. I have tried to slow down a busy work life and take time for myself to enjoy the smalls moments in life that go by so fast! “Dancing with the stars” will be a fun and new adventure for me as I have “2 left feet”. This opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, along with helping raise money for Balance, will be on long and lasting memory for me!

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