Stained Glass titled "911"

Stained Glass titled "911"
Over 600 hours of labor were involved in cutting the bottoms off AZ Ice Tea, beer, wine, soda & vintage bottles... Model A headlight glass & polished stones & a 'Blue Moon' from Mexico is front & center. Copper foil tape, then 60/40 lead & zinc solder were used. This was the first of 84 full size stained glass windows I made in 12 yrs ~ when an accident falling off the top of an 8' ladder caused me to stop this hobby.

The window is called "911 Stained Glass", as I spent nearly 16 hrs on 9-11-2001 with the TV on in our Studio in Elm Grove... Feeling disrespectful, if I walked away... But horrified to watch! This was my Memorial to those who lost their lives that day... Lest we never forget!

As the original Volunteer Art Director at Children's Hospital of WI, our First Weber Charitable Event for 'BALANCE' on OCT 3, 2019 spoke to me & I felt inspired to donate my First & Most Precious Window ~ so that we can all help kids & adults with Special Needs.

Our Manager Roger Rushman & Assistant Manager Dani Austin-Rauch inspire all of us to "Pay It Forward" & we live our lives accordingly!
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